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Academic Tutoring

At San Jose Batting Cages, we offer student-athletes affordable tutoring. We help them maximize their abilities as a student-athlete. We believe that offering this academic tutoring will help your child be the most well-rounded player.

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Our conditioning training program is designed for young athletes to increase speed, quickness, power, and endurance in an ultra fun environment.  Each athlete who signs up for our conditioning program is given a physical assessment to help establish where their strengths and weaknesses are,  thus allowing us a canvas to help maximize each athlete’s potential.   Our conditioning program is run by Elizabeth Nguyen.

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Baseball & Softball Player Skills Program

This program is patterned after our highly successful All American Baseball/ AAB Club Team Player skills program.  This program focuses on developing the complete player with sessions focusing on every aspect of making a successful player.  If your looking for a program that will take your child’s skills to the next level look no further as you will see massive improvements in your child’s skills development and from the increase in skills comes the building of self-esteem.

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High School Preparation

San Jose Batting Cages (SJBC) is unlike many programs in the Bay Area because of our commitment to developing the complete player.  Our goal is to take athletes on teams and to develop them into competitive players through our program which includes speed, strength and agility training with our in house trainer.  At SJBC all our coaches and instructors are current/ former high school coaches, collegiate or minor league baseball players to give your child the best opportunity to excel.  The goal of our program is to prepare you to succeed in high school baseball and beyond.

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