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Our Facility

Facilities include
San Jose Batting Cages
3 Indoor Softball Cages
3 Indoor Baseball Cages
3 Pitching Lanes
Hitting & Front Toss Stations
Multi-Purpose work out area
Business Hours
Mon-Fri: 2PM-9:00 PM
Sat-Sun: 10:00 AM-6:00PM
474 Piercy Road
San Jose, CA 95138

Baseball / Softball Skills Program


Baseball and Softball Skills Class

This program is patterned after our highly successful Saints Club Team Player skills program. This program focuses on developing the complete player with sessions focusing on every aspect of making a successful player including fielding and hitting.  If you are looking for a program that will take your child’s skills to the next level, look no further as you will see massive improvements in your child’s skills development and from the increase in skills comes the building of self esteem. Positive reinforcement and coaching is used to give the child a fun and challenging experience while he grows as a player.

Mondays 6PM-7PM (7-8 Years Old)-Baseball
Friday 6PM-6:59PM (8-10 Years Old)-Softball
Fridays 7PM-8PM (11-13 Years Old)-Softball
Fridays 6:30PM-7:29PM (9-10 Years Old)-Baseball
Fridays 7:30PM-8:30PM (11-12 Years Old)-Baseball

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