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Our Facility

Facilities include
San Jose Batting Cages
3 Indoor Softball Cages
3 Indoor Baseball Cages
3 Pitching Lanes
Hitting & Front Toss Stations
Multi-Purpose work out area
Business Hours
Mon-Fri: 2PM-9:00 PM
Sat-Sun: 10:00 AM-6:00PM
474 Piercy Road
San Jose, CA 95138

Glove Repair

If your looking for a quality repair of your glove you’ve come to the right place.  San Jose Batting Cages offers expert affordable repairs on your favorite glove!  Why buy a new glove when we can repair your perfectly worn in glove!  Turn around time for most repairs are 3 days with next day turnaround for an additional $20 (Excluding complete glove relacing)

If you would like to send your glove in for repair please contact Mike Mak @  There will be a $15 shipping charge to return the glove to the customer.


Options Fielders   Catchers/ 1st Base
Complete Glove (Heel, Web, Top of Web, Fingers & Palm Lacing)* $69.99 $79.99
Pinky and Thumb Lace $20
Heel Of Glove Only $29 $20
Top of the Web $20 $20
Web Only* $20 $20
Fingers Only $20
Fingers and Top of the Web $25
Web and Top of the Web* $30 $35
Palm Lacing $20 $20
Thumb Loop $20 $20
Pinky Loop $29 $20
Glove Tune-Up: Includes thorough cleaning inside and out, complete $39.99 $39.99
conditioning, a tightening of existing lace, and a reforming of the glove.